To All Former UFC Bethesda members:

Due to the abrupt closing of UFC/Bethesda, we will honor the same rate you had with them. Please bring in your contract and see the front desk staff. You won't be disappointed with us!

A total-conditioning system

That mimics
thatof champion

We offer a professionally-influenced kickboxing workout for all levels (and ages), designed for those who expect to be pushed harder than what typical gyms offer.

Fundamentals of Boxing now registering.

Where there are champions,

There is a
champion workout.

Our workouts mirror an actual fighter's training routine without the fight. Using a heavy bag, gloves, jump rope, timer and music, you will build cardio endurance and muscle tone. Classes are taught in a group setting to increase participation and intensity while teaching basic fighting techniques as you enjoy a full body workout.

More about each Workout:

Don't wait for inspiration to come find you.

Become it.

The Club.

CHAMPION BOXING & FITNESS is a locally owned and operated fitness club in Rockville, Maryland. We offer a total conditioning system that is designed for those who expect to be pushed harder than what your typical everyday gym offers. With ownership on site, we are totally responsive to your wants and needs in both service and program content. We are committed to being the leader in the boxing/fitness ring. We know that to have a successful business we must put our customers first - and that's what we do.

The Champion Advantage:

  • Largest boxing/fitness gym in the area
  • 6 ½ feet between heavy bags (30 heavy bags)
  • Classes/workouts included
  • Train with WBA Champion, William Joppy
  • Burn up to 1,000 calories per 1-hour class
  • Rubber mat flooring for a more sanitary workout
  • MMA cage
  • 2" Zebra Pro Series MMA mat
  • Convenient location with plenty of parking
  • Personal attention and training
  • Facility professionally cleaned daily
  • No experience necessary – beginner friendly
  • Highly rated by reviewers on Yelp

Dare to be better than yesterday.

Be champion tough.

What about the competition?

Really, there
isn't any.  zilchnada

Our Promises:

  • Improve your appearance as you lose weight, increase muscle tone and gain strength, all while burning up to 1,000 calories in one hour.
  • Have fun in a safe, one-of-a-kind, non-competitive, non-contact, super-charged fitness experience.
  • Our instructors will accommodate your level of experience.
  • Increase your mental health as you relieve stress and improve your ability to cope with challenging situations.
  • Feel like a Pro as you push yourself, learning the skills and techniques of some of the world's best conditioned athletes.
  • Classes are limited and taught in a group setting to increase participation and intensity while teaching basic fighting techniques with a full body workout.

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Fundamentals of Boxing is a fun, non-contact, highly structured, progressive learning program designed to teach participants the basic elements of boxing technique, skill and appreciation.

The program emphasizes basic skill development and general boxing knowledge, however, at times the class will include a challenging conditioning component.

Classes are offered at three levels, with each level lasting four weeks.

Level 1: Basic stance, understanding footwork and balance, basic punches and defense.

Level 2: Interactive punch combos, compound footwork/movement, punch technique, defense, and basic boxing styles.

Level 3: Dynamic (non-contact) punch combos, footwork, defense, movement, and ring strategy.

Stop by and register today. Classes will fill up quickly.

Classes are limited to ten participants per class. We must have a minimum of eight participants to conduct the class.